How is ReVIBE sweetened using ZERO sugar or artificial sweeteners?

Our sodas are sweetened using a blend of erythritol and xylitol which are known as ‘polyols’, in addition to Stevia leaf extract.


  • Can be produced via fermentation of starch from fruits and vegetables

  • Occur naturally in the skins of some fruit

  • Are produced in small amounts during carbohydrate metabolism within the human body

All of these sweeteners are:

  •  low in calories and Gl

  •  have a negligible effect on blood sugar and insulin levels when compared to refined sugar

  • indigestible carbohydrates, being partially fermented and broken down by the bacteria living in your gut

They are not like artificial sweeteners (aspartame, Acesulphame K) which do not occur anywhere in nature.

The benefit of using a blend means that there’s less of each, so they are generally well tolerated.

However, if you are part of the small subset of the population who is sensitive to high-fibre foods like cabbage, beans, onions or prunes; or if you follow a FODMAP restricted diet, please chat with your nutritionist for guidance.

What is the microbiome and why is gut health important?

The microbiome can be described in very simple terms as the entire ecosystem of micro-organisms living within and on our bodies. The latest research shows that the balance within our microbiome may have far-reaching effects on:

  • Our immune system

  • mood

  • overall health, including our weight and food cravings

In essence, we need these guys to be in harmony in order to fight disease and keep us healthy.

What are prebiotics and why are they in my soda?

Plant based prebiotics are like rocket fuel for those good bacteria living inside us. Science points to the fact that both pro AND prebiotics are necessary for maintaining a healthy, balanced gut.

Feeding a diverse and well-balanced microbiome leads to those good bacteria producing short-chain fatty acids like acetate, propionate and butyrate. These have an anti-inflammatory effect and nourish the cells lining the gut.

We’ve selected a blend of soluble prebiotic plant fibres (often deficient in the diet) which are slowly digested as they pass through the gut. They may even lower the GI impact of other carbohydrates by slowing the absorption of sugars.

What organic marine superfood are our sodas infused with and why?

Pronounced “Foo-koy-dan” (Fucoidan) - It may be a mouthful but there is a growing research indicates that the key bioactive compound found in the organic whole plant Wakame seaweed extract has quite a list of beneficial properties.

Studies show it to be effective in balancing the microbiome by supporting species of good bacteria while reducing populations of bad bacteria. There is also evidence to suggest it can exert anti-inflammatory and soothing effects on the gut lining.

While a lot of studies of the specific benefits are fairly recent in the West, Wakame seaweed and Fucoidan have a long history of traditional use treating a wide array of ailments throughout Asia and have been safely consumed as a staple part of their diet. Human trials, alongside extensive historical use suggest benefits and safety even at high levels.

We’re just as passionate about sharing good information as we are about great taste, so expect to see this section updated as new info becomes available. Please also don’t hesitate to ask us if you want more!

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